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Misc. hardware hacks

This is a collection of pictures of some cool hardware hacks I have made, which do not deserve an entire section.

SUN Ultra 5 fan modification

No, I'm not going to do watercooling on that Sun workstation, I dont use it enough. To diminish the fan voltage and to add an extra fan to the CPU should be enough


Radiator cleaning by electrolysis

This is the radiator I'm using in my watercooling system. It comes from a car heating, and was very dirty. An acid bath was not enough to clean it so I used electrolysis. Original idea from

electro_2 electro_3
Clean water saturated with saltIt works great!

electro_4 fan_duct
Very dirty water after 1 hour at 12V/2A Radiator in action with a fan duct

Cpu core and radiator lapping

The goal of this operation is to polish the cpu core to maximize the contact between the cpu and the waterblock.

cpu_wb sandpaper
XP2000+ CPU and it's waterblockP1000 sandpaper in action

cpu_polished cpu_water
Cpu core polished.
Yeah I know there are some scratches
See, water does not corrode CPUs, it still works

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