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Other crazy places out there

News for grown upsThe internet's most controversial (and congested) website!
Satirical news stories Thanks for making the internet a nice place to live.
Tempest for ElizaUse your computer monitor as an AM short wave radio transmitter. No joke!
Debian GNU/linuxUse it!
Neo Racing1/10th radio controlled car
obsolYte!Vintage computer hardware
The HTML Hell PageGood advices
Lego workersComputer assembly by lego workers. Link broken, please use the local copy or this new miror
Bastard Operator From HellA model for us all, sysadmins
Some friend home pageMay become the homepage of a great MMORPG some time.
A museum of horrorLego scenes... of questionnable taste. Local copy
Project E.U.N.U.C.H.Serious cooling of a ... 486 SX 25. A must read for overclockers!
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