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Package management

Installer GUI

The GUI is nice to see what's installed, but the main problem is that you don't see any error message when something goes wrong when installing a package. Therefore it's best to use the ipkg tool in command line.


The file /etc/ipkg.conf contains the list of package feeds. It's pretty much like debian's sources.list file. Mine looks like:

src viperinz
src cacko
src pdaxrom
src xqt
src ipaq
src opie
src qpegaim
src zug
dest root /
dest tmpinst /home/tmp/ipkg/inst
option http_proxy

Run ipkg update to update the list of available packages. This list is stored in the folder /home/root/usr/lib/ipkg/lists/, one file for each feed.

To find a package, simply use ipkg list |grep <name>

To see what's installed, go to /home/root/usr/lib/ipkg/info/. There will be a ".list" file for each installed package, as well as preinst, postinst, prerm and postrm scripts when applicable.

Internal flash or SD ?

Personnaly, I have a SL-C1000 so the internal flash space is very limited. I have added a 1GB SD card but I was very disapointed that most packages will not run from the SD card, or simply refuse to install. You should not have this problem with a SL-C3000 or SL-C3100 because of the 4GB microdrive.

I had to find a way around this limitation. I started using ipkg -d option to specify the SD card as destination for the packages. After a lot of symlink, PATH additions, and other tricks, many apps still didn't worked.

Apps are installed in /opt/QtPalmtop so I decided to move this folder to the SD card (/usr/mnt.rom/card/QtPalmtop), and then symlink the folder. That did the trick, but the obvious inconvenient is that I cannot remove the SD card, which is not a problem because there's still the CF connector available.

This is the exact procedure, including backup. Make sure the SD card is formatted using ext2 filesystem.

mkdir /usr/mnt.rom/card/QtPalmtop
(cd /home/QtPalmtop ; tar c * ) | (cd /usr/mnt.rom/card/QtPalmtop ; tar x)
mv /home/QtPalmtop /home/
ln -s /usr/mnt.rom/card/QtPalmtop /home/QtPalmtop

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