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Unfortunately, there is no option for the wireless network configurator to discover neighbor networks. Therefore the only way to find networks is to run kismet.

Activate the wlan interface

Kismet does not work out of the box, because the wlan interface has to be activated in order for it to run. The problem is that wlan0 will stay down until you are connected to a network, probably to save power.

The wlan card requires firmware upload, so it's not that simple to activate it. The Z use wlan-ng so you have to use wlan scripts and commands instead of iwconfig and such. I tried the scripts in /etc/wlan to load the firmware, but it failed to load, these scripts are apparently not used by the Z. Therefore the only known way to activate the interface is the GUI.

The idea is to create a dummy network connection. If you do so, the Z will try to connect and eventually time out after a couple of seconds, not even enough time to fire up kismet!

Finally I created a connection in infrastucture mode, edited the corresponding WLAN.conf in the folder /home/zaurus/Applications/Network/modules/ file and toggled adhoc mode from 0 to 1. This will do the trick and the connection icon will blink forever.

Run Kismet

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