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XPAD USB adapter

I was looking for a pad for my PC when I realized that the best pad available out there was the xpad. I especially liked the 2 analog triggers, plus the two analog sticks. It also has 8 buttons and one digital pad.

The pad use USB but the connector differs. Althrough I do not own an xbox, I did not wanted to cut the cable to solder a USB plug so I built a homemade adapter.


Nothing really complicated is needed, a test board and some wires.


The 4 wires are soldered in such way that the wires match the xpad plug connectors.


The adapter is soldered to an USB cable cut in half.


Finally, the adapter in action. Note the electrical tape isolation, whith is mandatory because the inside of the xpad plug is metallic and would shorten the usb wires.


A driver is required for the xpad to operate. These are the settings I'm currently using (mainly for NFSU).

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